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Phishing and other scams.

I always find these security talks entertaining. In his talk, Searching for Evil, Professor Ross Anderson discusses research done by himself, Dr. Richard Clayton, Tyler Moore, Steven Murdoch, and Shishir Nagaraja. Related links: Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems by Ross J. Anderson – book on Amazon

A new human interface

In his talk, Dasher: information-efficient text entry, David MacKay introduces a unique human input mechanism, Dasher. I’ve used Dasher and quite like it. There’s a Java applet version of Dasher, but I encourage you to try a native version. Contributions to Dasher have been made by David MacKay, David Ward, Alan Blackwell, Phil Cowans, Tim… Read More »

Faster sites mean more money.

Google found that when pages took only half a second longer to appear, usage of their site dropped 25%.  In her talk, Scaling Google for Every User at the Seattle Conference on Scalability, Marissa Mayer communicated these results. The explanation of the statistic starts around 9 minutes into the video and takes about 3 minutes.… Read More »

Consider restoring view state from the previous sessions.

Many Integrated Development Environments do this.  Stickies on Mac does this.  Email clients retain sort preferences.  Why not save sort preferences in a web application? Why doesn’t my Instant Messaging client bring up the conversation windows I didn’t explicitly close?  My DVD player asks me if I want to continue from the last time I… Read More »